^^ pyramides of cheese in the British Museum ^^

in 1753 the british musuem opens his doors for the public  as the first museum in the world.

261 years later the british museum opens his doors for cheese.


so maria and me, we took this opportunity to show schlossberger, belper knolle und co the world of the ancient lives. thanks to the museum they let us putting them in front of the pharones-mummies so they get the best view.


Even the b’soffnig was enchanted, amazed and speechless of the entire mystic, wondrous and magic atmosphere which surrounded us…


they tried the best not to smell to much but honestly it was quite difficult for them then they were impressed and start dreaming of cleopatra, tutanchamun and the pyramides.. imagine you are not allowed to smell but no pharaones turned over in their graves..lucky, look at his face, he is still smiling.