3000 Bern (CH)
Samstag Morgen 7:00-12:00

Borough Market
London Bridge
Three Crown Square
London SE1 1TL (UK)
Tuesday 10pm-5pm
Wednesday 10pm-5pm
Thursday 10am-5pm
Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 9am-6pm

Lange Gasse 28
1080 Wien (A)
Dienstag bis Freitag 10-18.30
Samstag 9-15
Bauernmarkt am Yppenplatz 7
immer Samstags

Jumi Inc.
1087 Flushing Avenue, 111
NY 11237



Two of a kind: Marcello and tomi of jumi cheese

Posted by on Feb 10, 2016

Dä bitrag isch auso sehr empfählenswärt für aui wo o numä chli änglisch verstö 🙂


homemade swiss cheese at londons busy borough market

Posted by on Apr 14, 2015



“To really understand, you have to taste one, two cheeses”


jumi london






^^ pyramides of cheese in the British Museum ^^

Posted by on Sep 12, 2014

in 1753 the british musuem opens his doors for the public  as the first museum in the world.

261 years later the british museum opens his doors for cheese.


so maria and me, we took this opportunity to show schlossberger, belper knolle und co the world of the ancient lives. thanks to the museum they let us putting them in front of the pharones-mummies so they get the best view.


Even the b’soffnig was enchanted, amazed and speechless of the entire mystic, wondrous and magic atmosphere which surrounded us…


they tried the best not to smell to much but honestly it was quite difficult for them then they were impressed and start dreaming of cleopatra, tutanchamun and the pyramides.. imagine you are not allowed to smell but no pharaones turned over in their graves..lucky, look at his face, he is still smiling.






Harry and me

Posted by on Jun 20, 2013

The first time we saw each other sometime in March – it was love at first sight. Since then we had many adventures together and I can’t wait for new ones to come up. We carry so much cheese all over London, we have people loving us and people hating us, we park most of the time illegal, or drive into one-way-streets (of course the wrong way), we had accidents and we are out in the streets whether the sun is shining or the snow is falling but we always have fun.

Harry introduced me to London and is showing me every week some new streets, places and ways around. Like this I get to know all the 100 faces of this huge  city, every time we go for a ride a new one is shown. I am looking forward to our future together and I am sure a lot of unexpected thing will happen. If you want to know what other adventures Harry and me will have in London, just fallow this homepage. Maybe once in a while a picture will shop up. To be continued…